"What's Next?"


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President Bartlet: When I ask 'What's Next?' it means I'm ready to move on to other things. So, what's next?
-The West Wing

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    I’ve legit had this one for 2 hours and completely jammed out at work. Well played, Spotify.

    Oh man. Rediscovered this musical. On repeat, and loving the revival!

    TW: RAPE

    "The saddest fact I’ve learned is nobody matters less to our society than young black women. Nobody."

    "You have to make a choice, as a listener, if music matters to you as more than mere entertainment. And you and I have spent our entire lives with that conviction…This matters."


    "Ya’ll, I know this world is far from perfect.
    I am not the type to mistake a streetlight for the moon.
    I know our wounds are deep as the Atlantic.
    But every ocean has a shoreline
    and every shoreline has a tide
    that is constantly returning
    to wake the songbirds in our hands,
    to wake the music in our bones,
    to place one fearless kiss on the mouth of that brave river
    that has to run through the center of our hearts
    to find its way home.”

    "Sometimes, the scales themselves weigh far too much. The heaviness of forever balancing blue sky with red blood. We were all born on days when too many people died in terrible ways…

    But you still have to call it a birthday, y’all.”

    Perfect sound to make it through a crazy Friday.

    "Live through this and you won’t look back."

    "There’s one thing I want to say, so I’ll be brave. You were what I wanted. I gave what I gave. I’m not sorry I met you, I’m not sorry it’s over, I’m not sorry there’s nothing to save."

    Soul-wrenching, simple, lovely.

    Oh cool, it’s not like this song doesn’t evoke enough feelings already. Let’s definitely perform it as a beautiful string quartet. That won’t break anyone apart with how soul-crushingly beautiful it is.

    Oh wait.

    “Never underestimate my Jesus, for when the world around you crumbles, you will be strong.”

    Perfect Monday jam.

    "Sorrow weighs my shoulders down
    And trouble haunts my mind.
    But I know the present will not last,
    And tomorrow will be kinder”

    Hot 8 Brass Band, 3/23/13, Howlin’ Wolf Den, New Orleans.

    Just the best.

    When we said goodbye it was forever
    And I spent the last year piecing my life together
    Just when I think I’ve let you go
    Your song’s playing on the radio
    And just like that it rushes back
    every part of you

    I will fall, I will fall if you come around
    Just when I think my heart break has settles down
    I will fall, I will fall if you come around

    I desperately wrap myself in swathes of silence

    I’ve always been a words girl (I’m one of those folks who, upon hearing the word cat, does not see an image of, say, Bingley, in my mind’s eye, but rather the word “CAT” in all-caps. Then Bingley. Actually, the font in my head is eerily similar to the one in the GIRLSwhich is not something I love)

    Still, there’s been a rash of music coming into my life lately that, well, just makes you wanna do something, for lack of more eloquent language. I don’t know what it is, but it’s like I’m finally getting what people mean when they talk about how music really affects you physically.

    Anyway, there’s no real point to this post, but here’s a brief and disconnected group of songs that just makes you feel things.

    • If I Didn’t Know Better,” from the show Nashville (Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen). This song just makes you think of every bad decision you’ve ever thought about making, and how good it would feel to do it. Or every time you’ve walked across a dark bar and just known you were going to regret everything you were about to do, but that it was worth it. Dangerous.
    • "Fade Into You," from the show Nashville (Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen). Seriously, these two. They’re dangerous. Same as above, to be honest. Their chemistry absolutely comes across in their music.
    • Beyonce, 4,”Love on Top.” Dance Dance Dance. Beyonce is the queen of this-will-make-you-smile-and-car-dance.
    • Justin Timberlake, The 20/20 Experience, “Suit & Tie.” The first 40 seconds of this song. I can’t even handle it. That’s quite enough, Justin. Actually, quite a few other songs on here (“Pusher Love Girl,” “Strawberry Bubblegum,” etc) have this effect. Timberlake clearly has the ability and voice to make his listeners want to just do something. It’s a problem.
    • Imagine Dragons, Night Vision, “It’s Time.” This song just makes me want to move— whether it’s run or dance around embarassingly in my pajamas.