"What's Next?"


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President Bartlet: When I ask 'What's Next?' it means I'm ready to move on to other things. So, what's next?
-The West Wing

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    Something will be born from
    this goodbye. In the pain of
    setting forth, something will die.
    With the release of the old
    comes a moment when nothing
    is firmly held, and the unknown
    burns the bridges of the past.

    When the smoke clears, my eyes
    seek out the new horizon.
    Nothing is known here, but
    the air is sweet and breathing
    deeply I see long dormant
    seeds send up their shoots
    from the fertile ground of change.
    As leaves unfurl to meet the sun,
    the circle is complete.
    I will not forget a single
    step of this journey, nor will I
    let comfort lock me
    in its warm embrace.

    I do not know what fruit these
    seeds will bear, but I have faith
    that what is taking root today
    will surprise me with its vigor.
    In birth and death,
    in breath and the final exhalation,
    there is pain and the movement
    into truth. I take the step
    that I am called to even if
    I do not know the final destination.

    Setting Forth - Danna Faulds

    I am so full of blessings, love, and light for the people in my life. And I’m so excited to see where our journey’s take us next.

    PS thanks to the lovely Kat Reiner for this poem.