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President Bartlet: When I ask 'What's Next?' it means I'm ready to move on to other things. So, what's next?
-The West Wing

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    All the working out I do this weekend is dedicated to the Menzies family and #MegsMiles.

    As someone who was #blessed to have survived my accident, I can’t imagine the heartbreak of losing a loved one in such a senseless way. Drunk driving is the worst.

    #Runners, please do your best to be careful. Moreover, drivers— we have a massive amount of metal and power when in a vehicle. We all need to be watchful of what surrounds us. Praying for the Menzies family.

    #Tbt - fun fact, 2013 was the first cal year I didn’t almost die!

    2011: hit by car while running (L)
    2012: fell 15 ft down Olomana (C)
    2013: happy to feel healed & healthy again and training #marathon 5! (R)

    Nice reminder that time can heal lots of things. #runner #running #blessed

    #tbt me and some of my @srla kiddos at my 1st 5K! So #blessed to have worked w/ them. Thanks @teachforamerica for getting me there. Congrats to all folks who get in today! #tfa2014

    Spent some time making room on my wall for all the joyful things I want to see when I look up. Feeling so very #blessed. (at Teach For America - Hawaii Regional Office)

    Such a cool way to look back at the year! Family, running, PJ. Sounds about right. I am so #blessed. ❤️

    I am, in fact, one of those “#blessed” writers. As part of my commitment both to myself and as a Christian, I do my best to take time to be in awe of God’s mercy and grace, and find joy in my every day existence.

    This is as good a time as any, though, to really bask in the glory of gratitude. I am so blessed, so privileged to have the love of an amazing family, a mighty good man, and some fantastic friends. I live in a (beautiful place, and have a job I love and work with people I love. I (try to) live, every day, in awe of how lucky I am.

    Today, I also feel grateful for the hard things. For being at a place in my life where I am trying to dig through the muck and mire of understanding privilege and trying to dismantle it. For understanding how race relations plays out, affects me and my loved ones, and the students I serve. For trying to wrap my hands and mind around all the broken parts of our country and help in any way I can. Being able to devote time and energy to these issues (instead of, perhaps, where my next meal is coming from) is  privilege that I hope to use to make things better for the next generation.

    So, for the work, for the hard things, and for Christ’s love to give me the strength to keep working, for His (and others) forgiveness when I fail or falter, for all the amazing things I have— for all these, I am grateful. 

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    #wordstoliveby #christian #blessed #hope

    Nope. Not over this. Not even a little. #blessed #luckywelivehawaii #hilife (at Magic Island)

    PJ used hashtags, Star Wars, Star Trek, and a beautiful cross for some of the many amazing birthday/6 mo gifts he got me. Proof that he is the best boyfriend ever. #love #birthday #blessed #bibliophile+pj

    Oh hello world. I’m taking a brief break to give a brief update in my world, as it’s been many-moons since I actually wrote anything:

    1) Hawai’i Nei: I’ve committed at least another year in Hawai’i (though likely much, much longer) as I just got a new apt!

    Since my parents got their own place on Hawai’i Island, I’m moving to a slightly smaller/cheaper joint that also has a full kitchen! Huzzah!

    No but really, I love living here. I feel like I fit in a lot more and like this is where I need to be. 

    2) I (still) love working at Teach For AmericaNo one is surprised! Besides great opportunities to write for their blog and being a great place to work, I just love the folks I work with.

    3) Adventure! I started doing things other than running, like MMA training and Spartan racing! Have I been injured in many ways? Sure! But is it the most awesome? YUP!

    4) These guys/gals, ya know? My guy is pretty great. Between him, my family, my friends, and my God, I am so continually blessed and supported.

    5) She works hard for her money. Side jobs I have started doing in addition to TFA include: Kaplan tutoring (briefly PSAT teaching, but backed off as I haven’t had time to train), and figure modeling. Hoping to start putting myself out there as a regular tutor soon as well too!

    6) On the Horizon: Family coming out to Hawai’i to visit in just a few weeks! Going to NorCal for Trini’s wedding with a number of other HS buddies! Then spending a week in Nov with the boy as he attends a wedding in SoCal (and taking him to eat some bomb Mexican food)! Then Thanksgiving with Fam! Woo!

    Very lucky indeed. #justbecause #blessed

    Perfect, quiet reflective end to amazing week. #prayer #blessed. (at Prohibition)

    15 mths here, still living in awe every day. #blessed #luckywelivehawaii #running (at Ala Moana Beach)

    Other #tbt. These amazing folks at my high school senior prom. Pretty #blessed to still call so many of them friends. And ohhh my quince hair… #notcute #istruggled

    That moment where you finally step out into the world, feel the solid ground beneath your feet, see how blue the sky is, feel your heart swell with a soundbyte and just think:

    Oh! THIS is what has been missing! This is what this felt like! Thanks for reminding me!

    Pure, unfettered joy indeed.